Statement on the Remark of Myanmar Religious Minister

April 03, 2016

The comment of Myanmar religious minister Mr. Aung Ko in his recent VOA (Burmese) interview regarding the oppression of Muslims in Myanmar has revealed that the policy on the Muslims in Myanmar by the previous administration as well as the current administration hasn’t changed a bit defining them as the second-class citizens. The citizenship status of over 5 million Myanmar Muslim populations was degraded in the minister’s remark.

Indeed, defining the citizenship based on faith, ethnicity and color of the skin violates the universal declaration of human right and it is very dangerous.

The nature of the Mr. Ko’s statement is divisive, discriminatory, and harmful to Myanmar’s multi-religious society.

This disgraceful statement of the religious minister also contradicts with the history of Myanmar and undermines the principles of the founding fathers of the Union of Burma.

Therefore, our Burmese American Muslims Association (BAMA) condemns Mr. Aung Ko’s statement and also ask the minister’s official apology to Myanmar Muslims society immediately.


  • Mr. Saw Hlaing
  • President
  • Burmese American Muslims Association (BAMA)